International studies

You need to complete a Learning Agreement before studying abroad. A Learning Agreement is the precondition that is necessary to ensure that the University of Bamberg will approve credits for a course that students attended at a foreign university.

If you have any further questions about studying abroad, please contact Fabian Reck (by E-Mail or during the office-hours for Learning agreements).

Please note the information of the Prüfungsausschuss for accepting achieved credits, in particular the deadlines for submission.

For further information regarding processes and activities please contact the Studienberatung.

Please consult your foreign university for the following information in order to complete your Learning Agreement:


  • Course descriptions of the relevant foreign courses (German/English/Spanish, if necessary translated) Indication of Credits/ECTS of the courses
  • Indication of the total course hours (= hours per week multiplied by the number of weeks of the semester)
  • Level of courses (bachelor or master level)
  • Type, duration and extent of examination
  • For some courses(77.9 KB) (77.9 KB), Learning Agreements already exist, and hence, the completion of Learning Agreements is rather unproblematic.


Please submit the completed documents to the secretariat of the Chair, where you can collect the signed Learning Agreement no later than two weeks after their submission.

If changes occur during your stay abroad, please contact Fabian Reck directly in order to discuss any changes.

In order to accept the achieved credits, please submit the following documents:

If you are not able to submit or retrieve the documents personally, you can send the documents to our chair. Please attach a stamped and self-addressed envelope.