Academic Contact Person

If you have any questions, please refer to the contact person corresponding to the module.

In urgent cases please contact any of the research assistants and/or the secretary first!


Assistance with modules are provided by the following persons

Karolina Bähr

  • Bachelor-, Masterarbeitenseminar (Bachelor/Master)
  • Innovation und Kollaboration: Management von intra- und interorganisationalen Innovationsschnittstellen (Master)
  • Implementation and Diffusion of Innovations (Master)

Philipp Laut

  • Organisationales Krisenmanagement (Master)

Bettina Mayr

  • Grundlagen des Innovationsmanagements (Bachelor)
  • Wissensmanagement (Bachelor)

Dr. Michael Kolloch

  • Research Seminar on International Innovation Strategies (Master)

Fabian Reck:

  • Strategisches Technologiemanagement (Master)

Ann-Kathrin Sauer

  • Organizational Innovativeness and Creativity (Master)