Change Management

To provide you with a better impression, we have collected some testimonials from students who have already attended and completed the course.

Julia Okker, Master Business Administration

"Discussing barriers and resistance towards change as well as the role of HR during change in an international environment was an extremely interesting experience. By taking a deeper look at the transformation in a single company, we were able to apply the concepts of the course directly in a case study. Since change happens in every company, this is an inevitable and important topic. The course followed a clear structure and Prof. Dr. Andersen was easily accessible via email. He spoke freely, was clearly prepared and enriched the course with his own personal experience while he worked in an international environment and went through different kind of change processes. Learning theoretical models is usually not very exciting, but the combination of learning these models and hearing “real life stories” as well as applying these theoretical models to the cases presented by the instructor, Prof. Dr. Andersen increased my interest in the course content tremendously!"