Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Virtual Campus

How and when do I get the password for the Virtual Campus (VC)?

We will add you to the VC automatically if you have registered for the examination via FlexNow You only need the password for the documents within the VC-course. The password will be announced in each of the first lectures.

How can I register for the Virtual Campus (VC)?

In the Virtual Campus (VC) you will find the seminar documents and slides for our classes. You need to have registered for the VC, so that we are able to add you to the courses. Therefore, please proceed as described here: "Für Angehörige der Uni Bamberg: mit persönlicher BA-Nummer der Universität Bamberg anmelden". After you have completed those we can then add you to the course and you will have access to all course materials.

I am registered to the course via FlexNow, but I can't participate the VC-course. What should I do?

Since the winter term 2017/18, you can only access the Virtual Vampus (VC) if you are registered for the examination. Thus, please take the following steps: Register for the course via FlexNow and wait whether you got access from us (you will be notified by e-mail). If this is the case, then please register for the examination via FlexNow (these are two separate steps). After you have completed this we can add you to the VC-course. This process differs for "Fundamentals of Human Resource Management". There you have to register for the VC-course on your own. The password will be announced in the first class.

I have problems with the password-protected documents of the VC. What could be the problem?

This problem occurs especially when you are using Apple-software or when you have not downloaded the documents before opening. Try the following steps: Download the document and then open it. Insert your password (pay attention to upper and lower case and underscores, if relevant). If necessary try those steps with different PDF-software (Adobe should work best).