New publication on sensory processing sensitivity (SPS), stress, and well-being on expatriates’ turnover intention by Prof. Dr. Andresen

With regards to the personality trait sensory processing sensitivity - which is typical for around 20% of the population – scientific research is still scarce. Thus, almost no knowledge exists on the relevance of this personality trait in expatriates. Prof. Dr. Andresen recently published a study based on the conservation-of-resources theory, which investigates the role of sensory processing sensitivity, explaining expatriates’ stress and their turnover intention. The study will soon be published in the European Management Review and is already available online (open access): 

Andresen, M., Goldmann, P., & Volodina, A. (2017). Do overwhelmed expatriates intend to leave? The effects of sensory processing sensitivity, stress, and well-being on expatriates’ turnover intention. European Management Review, DOI: