New publication by Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen and Julia Stapf on social origin and career success!

In a business environment characterized by labor shortages, the under-utilization of existing potential is a problem for both companies and governments. Nevertheless, the career development of people from disadvantaged social origin is limited. Research on the intergenerational transmission of social disadvantages consistently shows that access to higher education is still highly stratified. However, less is known about whether origin-based inequalities persist or can be offset within the organizational context to achieve equal career success.

Therefore the question arises: Is career what you make it? In order to answer this question a critical review of research on social origin and career success was carried out by Maike Andresen und Julia Stapf. The article summarizes the current state-of-the art regarding the social origin-career success relationship, followed by a critical analysis of the research approaches taken in existing studies. The critical review shows that many areas remain underexplored and provides directions for future research.

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