“Global Mobility of Employees (GLOMO)” – Successful application for an Innovative Training Network in Horizon 2020

We are happy to announce that we applied successfully for an Innovative Training Network (ITN) grant under the funding line “excellent science” of Marie Sklodowska-Curie / H2020 Actions of the European Commission. This grant allows us to run an international research project with the title “Global mobility of employees” (GLOMO) starting 1st of January 2018 for 48 months. The project will be coordinated by Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen and has a total funding of almost 4 Mio. Euro. Within the overall action, 15 PhD-positions are to be filled which deal with topics on migration and expatriation. Participating partners are Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Cranfield University (United Kingdom), Institute for Employment Research (Germany), Toulouse Business School (France), Universität Vaasa (Finland), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Netherlands), Airbus SAS (France). Next to research regarding he overall project it is the goal of the action to train excellent PhD-students in a structured and comprehensive training programme by giving them the chance to work closely together with well-known senior scholars in the field of expatriation and migration. In order to achieve this goal, the partners engaged in the project work closely together.
All of those partners are guiding at least one research project for which interested applicants can apply for the positions starting 1st of January 2018. Starting date of the 3 year-PhD positions will be the 1st of September 2018. However, not only is mobility the theoretical and thematic topic of the action, but it will also be lived through the action:  All PhD-students will be based at a “host” institution but will have secondments to one of the other partner universities as well as to thematically fitting partner institutions throughout Europe (e.g. companies, ministries).
Through this structure, GLOMO will build an ambitious and unique network of senior and junior scholars in the field of global mobility. All network partners are engaged in a shared topic, which is highly relevant theoretically as well as in practice. Thus, the ITN does not only thematically but also through its implementation represent “lived Europe”. It is concerned with exchange and network cooperation across many different cultures,  be it national, organisational or research field cultures.
In case you are interested in the action you will find more information here or contact Prof. Dr. Andresen (coordination) and Frau Agha-Alikhani (project management) via glomo(at)uni-bamberg.de .