Contributions of the Chair of Human Resources Management at numerous international conferences in 2017

This year, the Chair of Human Resource Management, was yet again very successful with the applications for several internationally renowned conferences. For example, the current research papers by Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen, Barbara Agha-Alikhani, Julia Hiemer, Philip Lehmann and Dr. Anna Volodina were accepted at the European Group of Organizational Studies (EGOS) and the European Academy of Management (EURAM) for the summer of 2017. In addition, a further contribution by Prof. Dr. Maike Andresen and Dr. Anna Volodina will be presented at the Conference of the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB). The research papers presented deals with overemployment, career orientation of millennials, cultural adaptation, expediency of expatriates, as well as mobility of international business travelers, thus covering a wide range of topics from the research field of (international) personnel management.

This year, the 5C Research Network Meeting will take place in the run-up to the EGOS conference. The 5C Research Collaboration has been initiated in order to define and measure differences in individual, social and structural impacts on career success. Amongst other things the 5C research consortium is concerned about the international long-term research project "5C - Cross-Cultural Collaboration on Contemporary Careers". The research network meeting is used to annually exchange information about the latest developments in the project, as well as ongoing, and upcoming research collaborations.

We will provide further information on the individual presentations at the conferences.