Ringvorlesung „Social Networks“ Summer term 2015

Experts of the University of Bamberg discuss Online and offline networks using their expertise and practical experiences.

Public event with researchers, students, and interested guests

Since numerous people connect via Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks many recognize how much our very modern society functions in networks.

However, even before the electronic devices entered our daily life people connected in Networks, as families, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, business partners, politicians, etc.


Online or offline, networks are all around us. But:

  • Which rules apply in networks?
  • What risks and what chances do they have?
  • How can networks be analyzed, influenced and planned?
  • Which notable but also which hidden networks dominate economic and political processes?

These questions

Network researchers of different faculties talk and discuss with students as well as with all interested guests form politics, economy and members of the public.

Each meeting put a spotlight on a different issue in the huge world of networks.


For further information, visit the German page.