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English Studies includes the following areas

Information about degrees

British Culture on the Virtual Campus

Up-to-date information about courses offered by the Department of British Culture can be found in the relevant Virtual Campus course.

VC Course British Culture: Important Materials and Information

In order to sign on you will need a sign-on code.  You can get this from the Department's personnel.

Consultation Hours and Advice

The Department of British Culture's lecturers are available to assist you in the course of and between semesters during their consultation hours.  Please give at least one week's notice, by letter or email, for your appointment.  

Further consulation options (University-wide)

Information relating to centralized student advice & consultation are clearly set out on a series of dedicated pages, to which we have posted the links below. Here you'll find all the relevant details, including the appropriate points of contact, for help, advice, and consultation on all manner of questions and challenges relating to your studies: problems ranging from procrastination, through financial difficulties, to cases of bullying and discrimination. These pages have been created in coordination with the various internal and external points of contact, as well as students themselves. They are administered by the central Student Counselling Service ('Zentrale Studienberatung'). (Updated: November 2020)

Conflict consultation for students (in German)

This webpage offers an overview of the various points of contact for help and advice in relation to cases of conflict. All the consultation/advice/counselling bodies listed here work closely together to ensure that students are supported as fully as possible with whatever issue(s) they may be facing. 

Further information/advice services (in German)

This webpage lists counselling/counsultation offers on the basis of particular groupings within the University: for University members; students; administrative & academic employees; local authorities and local companies (and the like); and members of the general public.


Central University Services