Student Research Assistants and Tutors

Department of British Culture
Am Kranen 12
D-96047 Bamberg

Telephone: +49 951 863-2273
E-Mail:  britcult(at)

Christopher Groß

Beginning of Studies: WS 2017/2018
Subjects: English & American Studies / Psychology (with a focus on school-educational psychology)
Degree Programme: LA GYM

Monya Lauterbach

Beginning of Studies: SS 2019
Subjects: English & American Studies / Art History
Degree Programme: BA

Julia Schletter

Beginning of Studies: WS 2020/2021
Subjects: Art History / Theology
Degree Programme: BA

Sophia Schmidt

Beginning of Studies: SS 2020
Subjects: English & American Studies, German Studies, History
Degree Programme: BA

Lukas Schuhmann

Beginning of Studies: WS 2019/2020
Subjects: English & American Studies / History
Degree Programme: BA