Department of British Culture

The Department of British Culture specializes in British culture and literature from the Middle Ages to the present.  A particular emphasis is laid on the interplay between the core philological concerns of traditional English studies on the one hand and interdisciplinary and international collaboration on the other. The various research areas are reflected in teaching and in interdisciplinary cooperation with other institutions both inside and outside Germany. Special research strengths are English Literature of the Middle Ages, of the Renaissance, of the 19th and 20th Centuries; editorial theory and practice (Shakespeare, Shakespeare Apocrpyha and D.H. Lawrence); digital humanities; translation and reception studies; the history of the book, the history of literary societies, the history of science, and the presentation of diseases (from the Bubonic plague to HIV/AIDS).

Shakespeare Gallery

The artist displayed in our Shakespeare Gallery is José García y Más. See for details on his biography and work.