Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Franke, R. und F. Westerhoff (2017),
Taking stock: a rigorous modelling of animal spirits in macroeconomics.
Published in Journal of Economic Surveys31, 1152-1182,doi: 10.1111/joes.12219

Menden, C. and C.R. Proaño (2017), Dissecting the Financial Cycle with Dynamic Factor Models.
Published in Quantitative Finance, doi: 10.1080/14697688.2017.1357971
BERG Working Paper 126(1.7 MB), University of Bamberg

Flaschel, P., Charpe, M., Galanis, G., Proaño, C.R. and R. Veneziani (2017),
Macroeconomic and Stock Market Interactions with Endogenous Aggregate Sentiment Dynamics.
Published in Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, doi: 10.1016/j.jedc.2017.10.002
BERG Working Paper 125(7.1 MB), University of Bamberg

Working Papers

Hommes, C.H. & J. Lustenhouwer (2017),
Managing Unanchored, Heterogeneous Expectations and Liquidity Traps.
BERG Working Paper 131(1.8 MB)(1.8 MB)
, University of Bamberg

Lustenhouwer, J. & K. Mavromatis (2017),
Fiscal Consolidations and Finite Planning Horizons.
BERG Working Paper 130(679.8 KB)(679.8 KB), University of Bamberg

Blaurock, I., Schmitt, N. and Westerhoff, F. (2017),
Market entry waves and volatility outbursts in stock markets.

BERG Working Paper 128
(1.1 MB), University of Bamberg