The BaGBeM organizes a variety of Academic Activities meant to foster the Research Profile of its PhD Students, as well as to bring together our Researchers with Social Actors and Policy Makers.

First Behavioral Macroeconomics Workshop

  • First Behavioral Macroeconomics Workshop: New Approaches to Macro-Financial Instability and Inequality, 15.-16.06.2018.
    For more information see here.

Inaugural Event on 06.11.2017

  • Inaugural Event, 06.11.2017.
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BaGBeM Research Workshop

Upcoming Workshops


Past Workshops


  • "Insights into Markets Dynamics and Agents' Behaviors using Lab Experiments", 19.02.2018-20.02.2018.
    Instructor: Isabelle L. Salle, PhD (Utrecht University)
    For more information see here.
  •  "The Distributional Approach in Economics and its Applications", 07.11.2017-08.11.2017.
    Instructor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Simone Alfarano (University Jaume I of Castellón)
    For more information see here.
  •  "Agent Based Modelling: Numerical Solution and Stochastic Aggregate Dynamics", 25.09.2017-26.09.2017.
    Instructor: Dr. Corrado Di Guilmi (University of Technology Sydney).
    For more information see here.
  • "Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: Methods and Estimation Techniques", 11.07.2017-13.07.2017.
    Instructor: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Reiner Franke (Kiel University).
    For more information see here.