Bamberg Research Group on Behavioral Macroeconomics (BaGBeM)

The Bamberg Research Group on Behavioral Macroeconomics (BaGBeM) is a graduate program financed by the Hans-Böckler Foundation and the University of Bamberg.

The following research topics are of particular interest to the Research Group:

  • Interaction between boundedly-rational behavior on financial markets and macroeconomic activity.
  • Development of agent based macro- and financial models as tools for economic policy design.
  • Sustainability of the Euro zone under bounded rationality.
  • Analytic and simulated approaches for the aggregation of heterogenous agents with boundedly-rational expectations.

Upcoming Events

  • BaGBeM Brownbag Seminar: Alexander Hempfing and Jan Schulz will present their current research at the BaGBeM Brownbag Seminar. The presentation with the title "Disentangling Growth: A Structural Decomposition Analysis Identifying Economic Drivers in Value Added Change" will take place on Jan. 15 at 12 o’clock in room F21/02.24.
  • Third Behavioral Macroeconomics Workshop: The BaGBeM and the Macroeconomic Policy Institut (IMK) are pleased to announce the third Behavioral Macroeconomics Workshop about ''Heterogeneity and Expectations in Macroeconomics and Finance'' that will take place from the 28th to the 30th of May 2020. For more information see here.