Bamberg Research Group on Behavioral Macroeconomics (BaGBeM)

The Bamberg Research Group on Behavioral Macroeconomics (BaGBeM) is a graduate program financed by the Hans-Böckler Foundation and the University of Bamberg.

The following research topics are of particular interest to the Research Group:

  • Interaction between boundedly-rational behavior on financial markets and macroeconomic activity.

  • The role of boundedly-rational expectation formation processes for the occurrence of business cycles.

  • Development of agent based macro- and financial models as tools for economic policy design.

  • Sustainability of the Euro zone under bounded rationality.

  • Empirical validation/estimation of behavioral macro- and financial market models.

  • Analytic and simulated approaches for the aggregation of heterogenous agents with boundedly-rational expectations.

  • Income inequality, wealth distribution and macroeconomic activity in the long run.