The application window for scholarships starting from October 2022 is now open until 31 March 2022.

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To submit your application, please complete the form on this page. Before starting to fill in the form, please make sure to have prepared your application pdf document. It should be organised in one pdf (SURNAME.pdf, size: max 30 MB), which contains the required documents in the specified order.

  • A list of the required application documents for the Starter Scholarships can be found here.
  • A signed Privacy Policy Agreement is part of the single pdf document and can be found here(308.8 KB, 8 pages).

Please note: We can only accept complete applications which fulfil the formal requirements.

We recommend that you submit your application ahead of deadlines to avoid technical difficulties.

Starter Scholarships Application Form

Application Information

Please do not use any 'umlauts' or special characters (ä, ö, é, ñ, à, etc.) in the online application form.