Ongoing PhD's 

  • Shirin Adibifar: The Familiarity of Interviewer/Speaker on Patterns of Referential Density in Farsi (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig)
  • Baydaa Mohammed Saeed Mustafa: Language choice and patterns of usage among Kurdish speakers of Duhok: an empirical intergenerational study (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig)
  • Nils Norman Schiborr: Lexical anaphora: A corpus-based typological study of referential choice (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig)
  • Laurentia Schreiber: A grammar of Romeyka (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig)

PhD's awarded 

  • Abdullah Incekan: Neologismen im Verblexikon des Kurdischen und deren Akzeptabilität: eine korpusbasierte Untersuchung (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig), Disputation 2018
  • Öpengin, Ergin (2013): Clitic/affix interactions: A corpus-based study of person marking in the Mukri variety of Central Kurdish (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig/Cotutelle mit der Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle)


Information for those interested in PhD supervision:

Prof. Haig is currently not taking on further PhD supervisions.