Workshop on Nakh-Daghestanian languages

The Workshop on Nakh-Daghestanian languages will take place at the University of Bamberg on April 15-16, 2016.


University of Bamberg
Department of General Linguistics
Obere Karolinenstraße 8

Seminarraum R 204 (second floor)

96049 Bamberg

Organizers: Diana Forker & Dima Ganenkov

Tel. +49-951-8633928

Please find the workshop program via the following link(250.0 KB).        




Here are the Handouts and Presentations:

Oleg Belyaev:  Perfective past in Dargwa: Perfect, aorist, resultative and evidential in Shiri and beyond(534.7 KB)

Natasha Bogomolova:  Krechetov killed himself: Transitivity decrease in Tabasaran reflexive constructions(311.6 KB)

Denis Creissel:  The pronoun ži in Northern Akhvakh: a corpus-based study(163.2 KB)

Nina Dobrushina:  Variation of plural imperative marking in Archi(143.8 KB)

Diana Forker:  Reflexive pronouns in Sanzhi Dargwa(264.4 KB)

Dima Ganenkov:  Of what person are long-distance reflexive pronouns?(519.2 KB)

Timur Maisak:  Relativization targets in Agul: a corpus-based perspective(166.6 KB)

Zarina Molochieva:  Referential Density in Chechen(1.6 MB)

Rasul Mutalov:  Relative clauses in Dargi(694.6 KB)

Jeremy Pasquereau:  On the formation of constituent questions in Karata(178.9 KB)

Monika Rind-Pawlowsky:  The functions of short-distance demonstratives in the pronominal and the verbal system of Xinaliq(737.4 KB)

Nina Sumbatova:  Reflexive pronouns in Tanti Dargwa
(1.3 MB)

Yakov G. Testelets:  Reflexives and Intensifiers in Avar and Bezhta(193.1 KB)