Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig away on research stay – Replaced by Prof. Dr. Natalia Bogomolova

From March to July 2022, Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig is on a research sabbatical and not available at the department. During this time, Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig is based at the University of Cambridge, joining the ERC (European Research Council)-funded project "Echoes of Vanishing Voices in the Mountains: A Linguistic History of Minorities in the Near East" (PI Prof. Geoffrey Khan). He will be co-developing and coordinating data collection and analysis for the numerous Iranian languages of the target region, in particular Kurdish and Gorani. More information about the project is available here.

During his research stay Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig will be replaced by Prof. Dr. Natalia Bogomolova. Prof. Dr. Natalia Bogomolva focusses in her research on the Nakh-Daghestanian language family located in the North-Eastern Caucasus region. Of special for her research is the interpretation of empirical data from these languages in the light of modern syntactic theories. With her seminars, some of which deal with these relativly understudied languages, she adds new and fascinating facettes to the courses offered at the Department of General Linguistics. For an overview of the courses offered by Prof. Dr. Natalia Bogomolova see here.