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Contact during the Corona shutdown

You can contact our staff via email or phone; find individual contact details on our respective staff webpages.

Regular office hours will take place at the times listed. Note that individual consultation meetings will take place remotely by default, unless the situation will permit face-to-face meetings.

Online teaching during corona shutdown

Dear students,

teaching during this year's winter term will commence on 2 November 2020 and will end on 12 Februarz 2021. Teaching will take place in the form of online courses only until further notice, and so will all consultation sessions for term papers and MA theses or the like. In order to facilitate smooth commencment and productive conduct of online teaching we ask you to do the following as soon as possible:

  • Enrol in your desired courses in FlexNow now. If you come across any problems please direct your request to the administrative office of the programme for which you intend to acquire ECTS credits of the relevant course.
  • Register for the respective course in the Virtual Campus (VC) as soon as you can. Make sure that you familiarise yourself with the content and structure of the course on VC webpages so that you can fully partake in it from week one. Note that your instructor(s) may ask you to use software that you may have to install beforehand (we will only use software that is free of charge).


General Linguistics is the science of language. It is not restricted to any particular language but explores language as a universal characteristic of human beings worldwide. Among many other things, linguistics is concerned with the cognitive basis of language production and perception, the social functions of language within a speech community, its acquisition by the individual and the processes that lead to the changes in languages throughout their histories.

Research focus

General linguistics at Bamberg provides a grounding in the foundations of linguistics; the research focus of the department is on the minority languages and speech communities of the Near and Middle East.

particular speciality of the department is Kurdish, the largest minority language in the world, spoken by many millions of people in several states in the Middle East and by a large diaspora communitiy in Europe.

Degree programs

The department was established in 2010. Since the winter term 2011/12, we offer a minor BA degree in General Linguistics with either 30 or 45 ECTS.

In addition, since the winter term 2013/14, a new Master program "General Linguistics" is also available.

Teaching at the department is in English.

Where are we?

Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
Schillerplatz 17
96047 Bamberg
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