The department of Arabic studies collaborates with various institutes and organizations in Germany and abroad

Professional collaborations exist between the department and various institutes and organizations in Germany and abroad. The department of Arabic studies is actively represented in UEAI (Union Européenne des Arabisants et Islamisants) and ISHR (International Society for the History of Rhetoric), through publications as well as the supervision of conference proceedings.

In the field of Arabic as a Foreign Language, the department of Arabic Studies works closely with other universities and extramural institutions. For instance, the department is significantly engaged in the introduction of Arabic language as a school subject. Moreover, two conferences have already been held at the Otto Friedrich University in cooperation with the Association of teaching Arabic in German speaking countries (Fachverband Arabisch e.V.), which was founded in Bamberg. . The most recent conference "Kompetenzorientierung in Arabischunterricht" was held on 31.05-01.06.2019.

Furthermore, the Bavarian Orient-Colloquium of the Universities of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Bamberg takes place every summer semester in Bamberg. The current program of the Orient colloquium can be found here.