Office hours during the winter semester 2020/2021

Katharina Beuter, M.A.

Mon, 12-1 pm (U9/00.10)

Michaela Hilbert, M.A.

appointment via email (michaela.hilbert(at) (U9/00.11)

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Knappe

Wed, 3-4 pm (U9/01.04)

Prof. Dr. Manfred Krug

in MS Teams (by appointment via email)

Hanna Mahler, M.A.

Wed 11.30 am-12.30 pm via Zoom, Link:
There is no office hour on 2 December!

Dr. Heinrich Ramisch

Wed, 10-11 am and by appointment via email (U9/01.03)

Prof. Dr. Julia Schlüter

appointment via email (julia.schlueter(at) (U9/01.03)

PD Dr. Ole Schützler

Thu, 2-3 pm (U9/01.04)

Lukas Sönning

Mon, 4-5 pm (U9/00.10)

Fabian Vetter

Thu, 2-4 pm (U9/01.10)

PD Dr. Valentin Werner

appointment via email (valentin.werner(at)

Roman Zingel

Tue, 1-2 pm (U9/00.12)