For detailed information on the courses offered in American Literature and Culture (course descriptions, readings, requirements) please check Univis.

On this page you find:

  • important information on how to register for final exams (Prüfungsanmeldung)
  • important information for B.A. students who want to have credits transferred from other majors/minors or from other German universities (Anerkennungen von Studienleistungen im B.A. - im Studium Generale sowie bei Studiengangs- bzw. Universitätswechsel),
  • information about the "Ergänzungsmodul" and the necessary forms
  • information about the Consolidation Module and the necessary forms
  • the Style Sheet and the guidelines for writing term papers in American Literature and Culture,
  • the reading list for final exams in American Literature,
  • a list of useful links for your studies and reserach.