Zafer Büyükkeçeci


Professorship of Demography
University of Bamberg
D-96045 Bamberg

Telephone: +49(0)951/8632642

E-Mail: zafer.bueyuekkececi(at)




Zafer Büyükkeçeci is a Research Assistant at the Professorship of Demography since February 2017. He is supervised by Prof. Dr. Henriette Engelhardt-Wölfler (Bamberg University) and Dr. Thomas Leopold (University of Amsterdam) for his doctoral dissertation.

He obtained a Bachelor's degree in engineering at Istanbul Technical University. Furthermore, he holds a Research Master in Sociology and Demography from the Pompeu Fabra University and a Master of Science in Sociology from Tilburg University.

His main research interests are social demography, family sociology, labour economics and social stratification. Currently Zafer is working on social interaction and fertility: whether fertility is "contagious" within the family, within the circle of friends and at the workplace.


  • Engelhardt, H., Schulz, F., and Büyükkeçeci, Z.(2018). Demographic and Human Development in the Middle East and North Africa. Bamberg: University of Bamberg Press.

Work in Progress

  • Büyükkeçeci, Z., Leopold, T., Van Gaalen, R. I., and Engelhardt, H.: Family, Firms, and Fertility: A Study of Social Interaction Effects (under review).
  • Büyükkeçeci, Z., and Leopold, T.: Sibling Influence on Family Formation: A Study of Social Interaction Effects on Marriage and Fertility (under review).
  • Büyükkeçeci, Z., Fouarge, D., and De Grip, A.: Why do some workers never participate in training?.