Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Vahid Zolfaghari M.A.

Feldkirchenstraße 21
Raum: FG1/00.04
Sprechstunde: nach Vereinbarung



Bachelor Degree: Political Science in Mazandaran State University (Iran)

Master Degree: Political Sociology in Tehran Universty (Iran)Conference paper 


Academic position

• Teaching Assistant (under the comparative chair)

• Research assistant (under the comparative chair)

• BAGSS research assistant (winter school plan)

Research Interests

• Coalition government in European countries

• Party Politics

• Comparative politics of middle east and European countries

• Security politics

• Political sociology of ethnicity  



• Zolfaghari,vahid (forthoming). Comparative security of middle east; Iran, Israel, EU, US.(Persian). Iran, Mazandaran publication.

• Karimi, Ali and zolfaghari, vahid (in progress). Political sociology of electoral behaviour. Iran, SAMT publication.

• Zolfaghari, Vahid and Jafari, Aliakbar (in Progress). The role of Power in world politics. SAMT publication.


• Karimi, Ali and zolfaghari, vahid (2011). “ signifiers and others of religious intellectual”. Journal of revolution approach, vol. 15.

• Karimi,Ali and zolfaghari, vahid (2012). “meta-analysis of Iranian despotism”. Journal of revolution approach, Vol. 23.

• Rafi, Hossein and zolfaghari, vahid (2011). “ The reasons of continuation of Chechen crisis”. Journal of Central Eurasia. Vol. 8.

• Jafari, Aliakbar and Zolfaghari, Vahid (2012). “studying the relation of Iran- Russia: integration or disintegration?”. Journal of Central Eurasi, Vol. 16.

• Zolfaghari, Vahid. (2014). “political behaviorology of China’s new diplomacy”. Vol. 21. PP. 193-214.• Zolfaghari, Vahid and Jafari, Aliakbar (forthcoming). “ Regional system of ECO”, Journal of Rahbord.Conference paper

• Zolfaghari, Vahid (2011). “the subjective and objective analysis of the roots of recent uprisings in middle east 2010-2011”. The 6th conference of Iranian political Science. Iran, Tehrn.

• Zolfaghari, Vahid (2014). “Good citizenship and the equation of nuclear program; cases of Germany and Sweden”. The 8th conference of Iranian Political Science. Iran- Tehran.

• Zolfaghari, Vahid (2014), “the Nuclear triangle of south asia: India, Pakistan and china”. The 8th conference of Iranian Political Science. Iran- Tehran.