Working Papers

Working Papers for Download:

  • 01/2010(436.9 KB)Thomas Saalfeld and Ralf Dobmeier: The Bundestag and German Citizens: More Communication, Growing Distance   
  • 01/2011(530.6 KB) Thomas Saalfeld: Parliamentary Questions as Instruments of Substantive Representation: An Analysis of the 2005-2010 Parliament    
  • 02/2011(652.6 KB) Thomas Saalfeld, Andreas M. Wüst and Constanza Sanhueza Petrarca: Immigrant MPs in Britain, France and Germany: Roles and Behaviour 
  • 01/2012(324.0 KB)Thomas Saalfeld: Die schleichende Revolutionierung des britischen Wahlsystems, 1997-2011 
  • 02/2012(396.6 KB) Thomas Saalfeld and Daniel Bischof: Minority-Ethnic MPs and the Substantive Representation of Minority Interests in the House of Commons, 2005-2011