Fachsprachliche Ausbildung Wirtschaftsenglisch und Ansprechpersonen

Ansprechperson für den Gesamtbereich Wirtschaftsenglisch ist der Koordinator für Wirtschaftsenglisch, Herr Christopher Jeffries. Herr Jeffries ist außerdem Referent für das Bachelor-Programm. Für Fragen zum Master-Programm wenden Sie sich bitte an die Referentin Frau Malone-Carty.

Wirtschaftsenglisch (Bachelor und Master)

Wichtige Information

Which Business English courses in SS 21?

Bachelor level

Module: Wirtschaftsenglisch 2

  • Course: Business English II: Finance    
  • Course: Business English IV: Organisational Behaviour

Master level

Module: Wirtschaftsenglisch 4

  • Course: Business English VI: Public Speaking
  • Course: Business English VIII: Managerial Issues

Check the Modulhandbuch des Sprachenzentrums for more details.

Erstis: Do you really need to take a Business English course in your first semester?

  • Consider your priorities carefully before making any selections.
  • Remember, your degree programme may mean that you will spend one or more semesters abroad.

I'm an Erasmus/Overseas student … and registration in SS 21 isn't working / has closed

Erasmus or overseas students who have difficulties with FlexNow should send an email to wirtschaftsenglisch.sz AT uni-bamberg.de:

  • Clearly state that you are an Erasmus or overseas student
  • Give the full titles of the courses you want to register for
  • You will be enrolled into the VC called Business English FlexNow Waiting List SS 21
  • You should then follow the instructions as outlined above.

Contact details

Questions regarding registration to Business English courses should be sent to wirtschaftsenglisch.sz AT uni-bamberg.de (emails concerning registration issues sent to individual lecturers will not be responded to). In your email, remember to:

  • state the full title of the course you are referring to (e.g. Business English I: Economics)
  • give your full name (e.g. Maximilian Mustermann)
  • give your seven digit matriculation number (not your ba number)
  • state your degree programme (e.g. BWL, EES, IBWL, Erasmus, etc.) and level (bachelor or master)
  • clearly state the nature of your inquiry - give full details of what you were trying to do and what happened or didn't happen
  • supply a screengrab if helpful - this will often speed up the process of resolving your issue
  • write in English—direct communication with the Wirtschaftsenglisch team, whether emailing or phoning, is expected to be in English

Vor- und Nachkorrekturen

Hier finden Sie einen Leitfaden zu Anträgen auf Vor- bzw. Nachkorrektur(332.7 KB) von zentral organisierten Prüfungen (Wirtschaftsfremdsprachen.