Analysis of Incomplete Data - Honoring the memory of Susanne Rässler

Rememberance: Prof. Dr. Susanne Rässler (1962-2018). 

Susanne Rässler was an inspiration to all who knew her. A warm-hearted mentor to her students, a dear friend to her research collaborators. Her personality shone through wherever she was and her contagious laughter is sorely missed. Susanne was flying aeroplanes (see below), navigating sailing boats, riding motorbikes, and among many other things, she was also the initiator of the Analysis of Incomplete Data (AID) workshops which were regularly held in Bamberg, and which gave students and researchers alike the opportunity to present their work on statistical analysis with missing data. Donald B. Rubin, Trivellore Raghunathan and Nathaniel Schenker had all been previous guests at these workshops and we look forward to having them with us for this years's AID Workshop 2019 on June 21st as well as to the anecdotes these friends of hers and some of her former doctoral students will share.  Susanne died last year unexpectedly, but her memory will live on.


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Susanne Rässler in front of her Luscombe monoplane