Wirtschaftsenglisch III - Management: Leadership Functions

This course is designed to provide students with a basis for active oral participation on the theme of management and organisations. It gives an overview of the nature of managerial work and focuses more specifically on the challenges of organizational culture and leadership. Contemporary academic thought is applied to fact-based organisational case studies, with resulting discussions emphasising the application of management theory to modern management practice. In this way students are prepared for the some of the challenges that face them in their future managerial career.

The course comprises 10 weekly teaching sessions of 90 minutes, plus four weeks of student presentations. Students are required to give an individual presentation on one of the class topics prescribed to them, 10 minutes in duration plus class discussion.

In the course, students are encouraged to actively participate in discussions that critically assess and analyse managerial issues. Through the reading of complex academic texts and case studies that serve as a framework for these discussions, students activate their spoken language and expand their oral skills. The course is conducted entirely in English.

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