Wirtschaftsenglisch I - The Business Environment

Wirtschaftsenglisch I - The Business Environment is a content-based language course. Covering basic economic principles and micro/macro-economic fundamentals, a wide-range of business texts serve as a framework for content, with multiple case studies providing students with insight into an Anglo-Saxon perspective on business.

After gaining an understanding of the behavioural foundations of economics, participants in the course establish a framework of basic economic theory which facilitates an appreciation of the importance of economic forces in shaping the world in which we live, and that can be extended and applied at later stages of their academic careers. Throughout the course emphasise is placed on the contribution that economics can make to an understanding of important policy issues such as the use and misuse of natural resources, government intervention and stimulative measures.

Through such content, the use of English language patterns is explored, extending an initial B2 level of proficiency. In an integrated writing element, students will learn to express themselves effectively and succinctly in generating persuasive texts. This training not only meets the demands of the written exam, but also the academic skill expectations that businesses in the global economy emphasise today.

If you have any questions regarding this course, then please feel free to contact:

Christopher Jeffries, Lektor für Wirtschaftsenglisch

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