Wirtschaftsenglisch IV - Organisational behaviour

The modern business environment has changed dramatically since the times of the industrial revolution, with creative and market-orientated employees now playing a far greater role than ever before. As a reaction to such change, Wirtschaftsenglisch IV - Organisational Behaviour introduces the most modern issues facing individuals within today’s organizations. In particular, the themes of motivation, stress, and individual decision-making are discussed in the context of the new business environment.

Students are encouraged to actively discuss the issues brought up throughout the course and apply theories of organizational behavior at a practical level. The emphasis of the course is on oral communication; as such, upon completion, students are required to complete a 10-minute oral exam on the topics covered in the program.

Course material includes a number of interesting and contemporary texts, articles, and videos based on case study research; however, students are also urged to volunteer their own examples and perspectives on course content. In this way, students activate their spoken language skills and expand their range of communicative devices at an academic level. The course is conducted entirely in English.

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