Wirtschaftsenglisch II - Business Functions

What are some of the advantages, disadvantages and potential consequences for a business when choosing from various alternative forms and funding models? Why is it important to be aware not only of basic principles of accounting but also understand major financial statements and see how they can display different portraits of a business?  How can investors marshal their analyses of such issues and express their rationale and intention for appropriate action?

Wirtschaftsenglisch II - Business Finance uses introductory theory and practical case studies to help students learn about the concepts and English terminology for these subjects.  A wide-range of business texts serve as a framework for content, and case studies provide students with an insight into an Anglo-Saxon cultural perspective on business.

Through content, language is explored and the B2 level of proficiency expanded. In an integrated writing element, students will learn to express themselves effectively and succinctly in the English language. This training meets not only the demands of the written exam, but also the academic skill expectations that businesses in the global economy emphasize.

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