IT-English courses

The IT English courses are primarily workshops for improving English skills.

IT English - Security

Content focusCurrent threats to the security of data, countermeasures to protect data and the essential elements of an IT security system for individuals, businesses and governments.

Language focus:  Reporting, summarizing, informing, describing, comparing

Course overview: Writing logically, concisely and with a clear focus, defining the elements of academic writing and improving expression are taught. Practice comes in the form of written exercises, discussions of texts, creating a class vocabulary Wiki and writing complete texts with feedback from fellow students as well as from the teacher. At the end of the course, the student should be prepared to write a well-developed, yet concise text about an IT topic.

IT English - Debating Legal Issues

Content focus:  Current legal issues, which include but are not limited to, surveillance, intellectual property, open source software, privacy, transparency and file sharing.

Language focus:  Persuading, arguing, debating

Additional information

Although IT English - Security is not a pre-requisite for IT English - Debating Legal Issues, it is recommended that students take IT English - Security first.

From SS16 onwards, 6 ECTS credits can be earned in your Kontextstudium on completion of both courses. (Prior to SS16, the courses could be taken indivudually for 3 ECTS credits each).

A minimum B2 level of English language proficiency is recommended for each of the above courses.