English for Social & Political Sciences

Social Sciences offer a distinct and highly illuminating perspective on human behaviour. Studying this topic means taking a step back from our own personal interpretations of the world, to look at the social influences which shape our lives. This does not deny or diminish the reality of individual experience. Rather, we obtain a richer awareness of our own individual characteristics, and those of others, by developing a sensitivity towards the wider universe of social activity in which we are all involved.

This course will allow the student to explore society and the political world through studying subjects like Love & Marriage, Crime & Punishment, The Welfare State, Religion in Society and the Role of Women in Society. We will also touch upon current topics like the changing attitude towards surveillance and modern warfare.

Course material includes a number of interesting and contemporary texts, articles, and videos based on current research; however, students are also urged to volunteer their own examples and perspectives on course content. In this way, students activate their spoken and written language skills and expand their range of communicative devices at an academic level, culminating in an essay-based exam. The course is conducted entirely in English and is only offered in winter semesters.

Graeme McKay, Lektor für Wirtschaftsenglisch

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