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Latest news...SS17 registration for Wirtschaftsenglisch

When do courses start?

All Wirtschaftsenglisch courses start teaching in the week beginning 24th April 2017 (KW 17). This may mean that you need to make course selections before you arrive at the university—make sure you have access to your TANS.

  • Please note that lecturers cannot register you for courses via email and such requests will not be processed.
  • Please check carefully the Modulhandbuch Fachsprachen for an explanation as to which courses are involved in each Wirtschaftsenglisch module and which semesters they are offered in—also see the Latest News...Wirtschaftsenglisch Modulen advisory note below.
  • Erstis: You do not necessarily need to take a Wirtschaftsenglisch course in your first semester. Consider your priorities carefully before making any selections. Remember that your degree program may mean that you will spend one or more semesters abroad.
  • All courses offered by the Wirtschaftsenglisch department are parallel courses e.g. Wirtschaftsenglisch  II, Business Finance is offered nineteen times during the week in SS17, but you only need to attend one instance of these nineteen courses for the duration of the semester.

When is registration for Wirtschaftsenglisch?

Registration opens Monday, 27 March 2017 at 10:00, and closes 19 April 2017 at 20:00.

  • There is no time advantage. The FlexNow system allows final allocation of places to students regardless of when you make your registration selections.

How do I register?

Step 1 - Registration selections

You make registration selections through FlexNow (this applies to Erasmus students too).

The FlexNow system will require you to make between 2 and 4 selections from the parallel courses.

  • FlexNow will reject your request if you only make one selection

Within a few minutes, you receive an email from FlexNow acknowledging your request to be registered in one of these options.

Please note: This email only confirms your registration selections—allocation to a course is only finalised in step 2.

Step 2 - Course allocation

FlexNow allocates students to courses. You will receive a final confirmation email from FlexNow on Thursday afternoon, 20th April 2017, which reads either:

a)      You received a Wirtschaftsenglisch place. This email contains your details...


b)      Your Wirtschaftsenglisch selections were unsuccessful. Come to our offices-ERBA 5th floor-tomorrow, Fri 21 April, from 09:30-11:00. Bring along this FlexNow email and your timetable-we will assign you to a course with free spaces.

Registration has closed and I didn't get a place! Now what?

The following students are invited to come to the Wirtschaftsenglisch offices—ERBA, 5th floor—on Friday 21st, April, from 09:30 to 11:00am:

  • Students who received an "unsuccessful" email from FlexNow (see above);
  • Erasmus or overseas students, but only if FlexNow did not offer registration selections for Wirtschaftsenglisch courses.

NOTE: The queue is usually short and fast-moving. We will typically be able to assign you to a course that fits conveniently with your existing timetable. We are unable to accept third party requests for places in courses.


All other students who need to attend a Wirtschaftsenglisch course, but whose registration efforts somehow failed, should come to the Wirtschaftsenglisch offices—ERBA, 5th floor—on Friday, 21st April, from 12:30 to 13:30pm. Amongst others, this queue typically includes students who:

  • forgot to use their TAN numbers on holiday (TAN - Kontakt Studierendenkanzlei / TAN - Prüfungsamt FAQs);
  • forgot to register during the FlexNow registration period;
  • encountered "technical difficulties" and were insufficiently proactive in trying to resolve them;
  • forgot to bring along their "unsuccessful" FlexNow email in the morning.

NOTE: In the summer, this queue can be long & slow-moving—it is to be avoided at all costs—we will only be able to assign you to one of the few Wirtschaftsenglisch spaces remaining: typically, there is little flexibility regarding your timetable. We are unable to accept third party requests for places in courses.

Contact details

Questions regarding registration to Wirtschaftsenglisch courses should be sent to wirtschaftsenglisch.sz AT uni-bamberg.de. In your email, remember:

  • state the full title of the course you are referring to (e.g. Wirtschaftsenglich II, Business Finance)
  • give your full name (e.g. Maximilian Mustermann)
  • give your seven digit matriculation number
  • clearly state the nature of your inquiry
  • write in English—direct communication with the Wirtschaftsenglisch team, whether emailing or phoning, is expected to be in English


  • Remember to register on FlexNow for your Wirtschaftsenglisch courses!
  • Be proactive about resolving any registration difficulties you encounter.

Latest news...Wirtschaftsenglisch course titles

Module & Course Titles

  • Wirtschaftsenglisch module titles use Arabic numerals 1, 2, 3, 4;
  • Wirtschaftsenglisch course titles use Roman numerals I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII;
  • Full details of the Wirtschaftsenglisch modules may be found in the Modulhandbuch Fachsprachen.

Wirtschaftsenglisch Modules

  • There are two Wirtschaftsenglisch bachelor modules and two Wirtschaftsenglisch master modules;
  • Each Wirtschaftsenglisch module is comprised of two course:
Bachelor ModuleWirtschaftsenglisch 1

6 ECTS; Winter Semester only

Course: Wirtschaftsenglisch I

Course: Wirtschaftsenglisch III


Bachelor ModuleWirtschaftsenglisch 2

6 ECTS; Summer Semester only

Course: Wirtschaftsenglisch II

Course: Wirtschaftsenglisch IV


Master ModuleWirtschaftsenglisch 3

6 ECTS; Winter Semester only

Course: Wirtschaftsenglisch V

Course: Wirtschaftsenglisch VII


Master ModuleWirtschaftsenglisch 4

6 ECTS; Summer Semester only

Course: Wirtschaftsenglisch VI

Course: Wirtschaftsenglisch VIII



This news release is for guidance only. Kindly refer to the relevant Modulhandbuch for official information regarding Wirtschaftsenglisch modules and courses.