Prof. Dr. Kai Fischbach

Aktuelle Funktionen

  • Vorsitzender des Senats der Universität Bamberg
  • Stellv. Vorsitzender des Universitätsrates der Universität Bamberg
  • Vorsitzender des Promotionsausschusses der Fakultät Wirtschaftsinformatik und Angewandte Informatik (WIAI)
  • Mitglied des Vorstandes der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Netzwerkforschung (DGNet)
  • Ansprechpartner Studieren im Praxisverbund
  • Vertrauensdozent der Bayerischen EliteAkademie
  • Mitglied der Projektgruppe Familiengerechte Hochschule
  • Mitglied des Zentrums für innovative Anwendungen der Informatik (ZIAI)

Aktuelle Publikationen (Auswahl)

Kathrin Eismann, Oliver Posegga, and Kai Fischbach (2018): Decision Making in Emergency Management: The Role of Social Media. In: Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems, Portsmouth, UK.

Dominik Klein, Johannes Marx, and Kai Fischbach (2018): Agent-Based Modeling in Social Science, History, and Philosophy. An Introduction. Historical Social Research 43 (1), 7-27

Peter Gloor, Kai Fischbach, Julia Gluesing, Ken Riopelle, and Detlef Schoder (forthcoming). Creating the Collective Mind through Virtual Mirroring Based Learning. Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal

Kai Fischbach, and Udo Krieger (2018): SOCNET 2018: Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Modeling, Analysis, and Management of Social Networks and Their Applications, University of Bamberg Press

Matthäus P. Zylka, and Kai Fischbach (2017): Turning the Spotlight on the Consequences of Individual IT Turnover: A Literature Review and Research Agenda. ACM SIGMIS Database: the DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems 48(2): 52-78

Tilly, Roman, Oliver Posegga, Kai Fischbach, and Detlef Schoder (2017): Towards a Conceptualization of Data and Information Quality in Social Information Systems. In: Business & Information Systems Engineering 59(1), 3-21

Zuchowski, Oliver; Posegga, Oliver; Schlagwein, Daniel; Fischbach, Kai (2016): Internal Crowdsourcing: Conceptual Framework, Structured Review and Research Agenda. In: Journal of Information Technology 31(2)

Spiegel, Olav; Abbassi, Puja; Zylka, Matthäus; Schlagwein, Daniel; Fischbach Kai; Schoder, Detlef (2016):  Business Model Development, Founders' Social Capital, and the Success of Early-Stage Internet Startups: A Mixed-Method Study. In: Information Systems Journal 26(5), 421–449

Tilly, Roman, Posegga, Oliver, Fischbach, Kai, Schoder, Detlef (2015): What is Quality of Data and Information in Social Information Systems? Towards a Definition and Ontology. Accepted for presentation at International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2015.

Beck, Roman; Rai, Arun; Fischbach, Kai; Keil, Mark (2015): Untangling Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Integration in Enterprise Wikis. In: Journal of Business Economics 85(4): 389-420. [link]

Gensler, Sonja, Franziska Völckner, Marc Egger, Kai Fischbach, Detlef Schoder (2015): Listen to Your Customers: Insights into Brand Image Using Online Consumer-Generated Product Reviews. In: International Journal of Electronic Commerce 20(1): 112–41.

Tilly, Roman; Fischbach, Kai; Schoder, Detlef (forthcoming): Mineable or Messy? Assessing the Quality of Macro-level Tourism Information Derived from Social Media. In: Electronic Markets - The International Journal on Networked Business

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Rickmann Theresa, Wenzel Stefan, Fischbach Kai (2014): Software Ecosystem Orchestration: The Perspective of Complementors. In: Proceedings of the Twentieth Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Savannah

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Putzke, Johannes; Fischbach, Kai; Schoder, Detlef (2013): An Exploratory Study On The Appropriateness Of Latent Dirichlet Allocation For Automatic Discovery Of Product Associations From User-Generated Content. European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), Utrecht, 2.-8. Juni 2013.

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Weitere ausgewählte Publikationen

Simon, Daniel; Fischbach, Kai (2012): IT Landscape Management Using Network Analysis. In: Enterprise Information Systems of the Future: Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing 139: 18-34. [link]

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