DSG mit Beitrag auf der CLOUD 2015

Vom 27. Juni bis zum 2. July fand die 8th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD) in New York City, USA, statt. Der Lehrstuhl für Praktische Informatik war dort mit dem Beitrag „Application Migration Effort in the Cloud - The Case of Cloud Platforms“ von Stefan Kolb, Jörg Lenhard und Guido Wirtz vertreten.

Abstract—Over the last years, the utilization of cloud resources has been steadily rising and an increasing number of enterprises are moving applications to the cloud. A leading trend is the adoption of Platform as a Service to support rapid application deployment. By providing a managed environment, cloud platforms take away a lot of complex configuration effort required to build scalable applications. However, application migrations to and between clouds cost development effort and open up new risks of vendor lock-in. This is problematic because frequent migrations may be necessary in the dynamic and fast changing cloud market. So far, the effort of application migration in PaaS environments and typical issues experienced in this task are hardly understood. To improve this situation, we present a cloud-to-cloud migration of a real-world application to seven representative cloud platforms. In this case study, we analyze the feasibility of the migrations in terms of portability and the effort of the migrations. We present a Docker-based deployment system that provides the ability of isolated and reproducible measurements of deployments to platform vendors, thus enabling the comparison of platforms for a particular application. Using this system, the study identifies key problems during migrations and quantifies these differences by distinctive metrics.