Cooperation with RosettaNet

RosettaNet (subsidiary of GS1 US, Inc.) and the Distributed and Mobile Systems Group (DSG) agreed on a loose cooperation targeting at business process integration. This includes extended access to RosettaNet resources for the DSG as well as early validation of DSG deliverables by RosettaNet B2Bi experts. At the same time, the DSG deepens its activities in analyzing RosettaNet related standards and shares research results with RosettaNet at early stages.

Nikola Stojanovic (Principal Architect at RosettaNet): "We appreciate the interest and participation of the DSG in RosettaNet standards and RosettaNet B2Bi efforts. The academic approach of DSG that is at the same time concerned with the practical aspects of B2Bi helps RosettaNet and its community by not only evaluating what RosettaNet has achieved so far, but also with advancing the B2Bi architecture that will benefit large RosettaNet community and beyond."

RosettaNet is a leading B2Bi standards organization whose member companies represent $1.2 trillion dollars in annual revenue. Moreover, RosettaNet ensures validation of their standards by requiring members to have adopted preliminary versions before finally releasing standards.

Therefore, the DSG is proud to have attracted such a respected industry partner that will contribute to the practical validation of DSG research work.