Qualification goals

The continuing education master's degree "Educational Quality in Developing Countries" qualifies students for a profession and enables them to continue their scientific work. It enables graduates to pursue a career with scientific qualifications in education and training in countries with development needs and in the technical contexts of development cooperation. In this master's programme competences are taught with regard to the different normative foundations of educational systems as well as questions of ensuring educational quality at the level of teaching, institutions and systems. It is particularly concerned with the challenge of ensuring educational quality, which arises in post-conflict societies and societies with a high proportion of the population living in poverty. A broad orientation beyond the school system and teaching fields of pedagogy results from training in project management and empirical methods. Practical vocational skills are acquired in particular within the framework of a vocational module and through the implementation of a project. In addition competencies are enhanced as the ability to carry out independent scientific work as well as application- and occupational field-related key qualifications that are aimed at training, management, and organisational functions as well as at planning and development competences. In addition to qualification for professional work in the relevant occupational fields, the study programme also serves as preparation for admission to a doctorate. Modules from educational science, empirical methods and project management ensure the interdisciplinary orientation of the course.

The continuing education master's programme "Educational Quality in Developing Countries" is aimed both at prospective students who are looking for a degree in a reflection and action science and at people who wish to acquire a scientific qualification following practical work.

A successfully completed further education course entitles the holder to a doctorate.