Guest seminars

Here you find creative writing workshops and weekend seminars that were taught by international guests. The articles are listed in chronological order and can be selected individually from the list below.

Dr. Emilija Lipovsek: "Postcolonial London: Urban Narrative and Diasporic Identity" (17-19 July, 2020)

Dr. Emilija Lipovsek and Dr. Stevan Bradic: "South Africa and Nigeria in Postcolonial Discourse" (28-30 June, 2019)

Prof. Dr. George Ellenbogen: Creative Writing Workshop (7-9 December, 2018)

Prof. Dr. Christoph Heyl: "Put the kettle on! Tea and other hot drinks in British culture and literature from the seventeenth century to the present" (16-18 November, 2018)

Prof. Dr. Simon Edwards: "Charles Dickens: David Copperfield, Great Expectations and the Way of the World" (22-24 June, 2018)

Dr. Emilija Lipovsek: "Dystopia and Diaspora in Postcolonial Novels" (17-19 November, 2017)

Prof. Dr. Simon Edwards: "Romance and Reality: The Making of the English Novel 1800-1850" (23-25 June, 2017)

Prof. Dr. Richard Utz: "Medievalism in Film" (9-23 June, 2017)

Laura Passin: Creative Writing Workshop (16-17 December, 2016)

Prof. Dr. Simon Edwards: "The Enlightenment and Its Discontents" (1-3 July, 2016)

Prof. Dr. George Ellenbogen: Creative Writing Workshop (22-24 April, 2016)

Dr. Daniel Schümann: "Island Fictions" (16 April - 10 July, 2016)

Lisa Kalkowski: "Heroes, Wizards and Nobody: Identity in Children's Literature" (13 April - 15 June, 2016)

Dr. Emilija Lipovsek: "Dystopia in Diaspora" (29-31 May, 2015)

George Ellenbogen: Creative Writing Workshop (24-26 April, 2015)

Don Siebert: "The Sonnet in English" (18-26 October, 2013)

Natasha Solomons: Creative Writing Workshop (13-16 June, 2013)

Professor Joshua Wilner: "William Wordsworth's Prelude." (18 June - 2 July, 2013)

Professor Harold Kaylor: "Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Cressida and the Boece: A Study in Inter-textual Relationships." (25-28 April, 2013)

Julia Pascal: Seminar and Creative Writing Workshop (10-12 January, 2013)