Focus Areas

Thomas Malory's Morte Darthur and Arthurian Film adaptations

Jacobine Literature of the 1790s (John Thelwall, High Treason Trials of 1794)

Kindertransport Literature

Contemporary Jewish-British Literature

Rewriting War: The Paradigms of Contemporary War Fiction in English (with Departament de Filologia Anglesa, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). See for the homepage of “Rewriting War”


Conferences at the University of Bamberg

September 27-29, 2019: together with Dr. Kerstin-Anja Münderlein. LAPASEC Eighteenth-Century Studies Conference: Final Frontiers: Exploring, Discovering, Conquering in the Age of Enlightenment (financed by Université Franco-Allemande)

October 5-8, 2017: together with Prof. Dr. Pascal Fischer and the German Society for English Romanticism: The Politics of Romanticism (et al. funded by DFG)

July 18-20, 2016: together with Prof. Dr. Ingrid Bennewitz and The Centre for Medieval Studies (ZEMAS): European Myths retold. Tradition or Myth? The Reception of Medieval European Topics in the Anglo-American and European Spheres (et al. funded by DFG)

September 18-21, 2005: together with Anja Müller organisation of the Annual Meeting of the German Anglist Association ("Anglistentag") in Bamberg

June 3-4, 2005: together with Prof. Dr. Dina De Rentiis a conference on the "Erlöser und Heiler: literarische und filmische Rezeption und Transformation von mittelalterlichen und spätantiken Erlöser- und Heilerfiguren" with the support of the DFG, the Bavarian Ministry of Science, Research and Art and the University of Bamberg

June 2004: Annual meeting of the German Society of Contemporary Drama in English (CDE) on the topic "Staging Displacement, Exile, and Diaspora" with the support of the DFG, the Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research and Arts, the University of Bamberg, the Universitäts-Bund association, the American Consulate Munich, the British Council and donations from the Industry

June 2003: International Conference on the Topic "Fashioning Childhood: Age and Identity in Eighteenth-Century Europe" with the support of the DFG, the Bavarian State Ministry for Science, Research and Art, the University of Bamberg, the Universitäts-Bund association and donations from the Industry


List of completed dissertations and habilitations 

Abu Shahid Abdullah: Speaking the Unspeakable: Traumatic Experience and Repressed Memory in Magical Realist Novels (Defense in February 2019)

Kerstin-Anja Münderlein: Gothic Parodies: Shifting the Frames of Genre and Reception (Defense in December 2018; magna cum laude)

Barbara Kehler: Written to Dialogise: Ian McEwan's Atonement and Sweet Tooth (Defense in July 2020; magna cum laude)

Johannes Weber: 'Like some damned Juggernaut'. The Proto-filmic Monstrosity of Late Victorian Literary Monsters (Defense in February 2015; summa cum laude)

Benjamin Pohl: The Historia Normannorum and Cultural Memory in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries: Codification, Canonisation, (Re-)Contextualisation" (Defense in April 2013; summa cum laude)

Anna Ricker: 'No name, no business, no Precious, nothing. Only empty.' J.R.R. Tolkien: Ein Autor der literarischen Moderne (Defense in January 2013; cum laude)

Susan Brähler: Transkulturelle Identitäten und europäische Migration in der Tradition des Bildungsromans Großbritanniens, Frankreichs und Spaniens (Defense in March 2011; magna cum laude)

Anne Hrach: Tradition und Moderne in den gesellschaftskritischen Schriften von Stephen Spender und F. R. Leavis 1929 – 1946 (Defense in July 2010; magna cum laude)

Annick Sperlich: Family and Friends. Generation in the Ancestral Romances (Defense in July 2010; summa cum laude)

Anja Müller: Framing Childhood in Eighteenth-Century English Periodicals and Satirical Prints, 1689-1789 (Habilitation; W3 Professorship at the University of Siegen in 2010; Lehrstuhl für Anglistische Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft)