Guest lecture: Gerard Manley Hopkins - Priest and Poet

The talk will deal with the main aspects of both the life and the work of Gerard Manley Hopkins from his birth in 1844 in England to his early death in 1889 in Dublin. A poet sometime regarded as being deeply troubled, Hopkins produced some of the finest verse in the English language. He was not published until almost thirty years after his death in 1918 and, with his innovative approach to language, is regarded as an innovator and precursor of the modernist movement. His poetry became a major influence on twentieth century English poetry, anticipating the experimentation with language as a medium that we see in the works of many of the Modernist writers.

William Adamson runs the English Department at the University of Ulm and is the Assistant Director of the Gerard Manley Hopkins Society based in Newbridge, County Kildare in Ireland. The Hopkins Society holds an International Literary Festival based around the poet ever year at the end of July.

Time and place: 3 December, 4 p.m. at U5/01.22