I M P O R T A N T ! CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19) safety measures at our department

(updated version)

To our students and partners: Corona virus (SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19) safety measures at our department.

Given the current corona virus situation, the department of sales and marketing has decided to restrict all communication to mail, phone, email, or Skype until further notice. Of course, we maintain all our activities regarding research and administration during the period without lectures ("vorlesungsfreie Zeit", i.e. until April 18th 2020). However, all processes (supervisions of theses, advise concerning module selections, learning agreements etc.) must be handled via classical mail and email. Any necessary conversation can take place through Skype or telephone.

This implies: Do not come to our offices. While we do maintain a permanent personal presence, we will not interact face-to-face.

Our policy is based on the current evaluation of the situation and on the recommendations formulated by Robert-Koch-Institut, the leading scientific authority in the field.

Please see this approach as a reasonable precaution. This is less about protecting ourselves from a possible infection. Rather, as a hub of exchange between many students, partners, and members of staff, we believe that we should limit the risk of multiplying possible infections or spreading the virus among the academic community.

More generally, please be advised that the University of Bamberg communicates on the situation and the appropriate measures. You find useful information at: Corona virus info from Otto Friedrich University