Atrain has joined the EHRM Programme!

The EHRM Company Projects have started! A German project partner is atrain GmbH.

atrain is a dynamic leadership consultancy with a worldwide presence that focuses on supporting and enabling their international clientele to redesign their culture and ecosystem from within. They have faith in human beings and in people’s inner drive to realize their true and unique potential, to do good and to do well. atrain believes in developing people’s contribution to make the world a better place. They encourage developing skills and capabilities that allow people to achieve outstanding contributions. Our project partner cocreates, customizes and develops holistic solutions in the areas of talent management, leadership, organizational development and agile transformation. It is their passion to sustainably support people in their development, in changing culture and leadership mindset. atrain is motivated by their values of trust, creating an impact for their customers and open communication.

Two European students have become part of the large atrain family this semester and are allowed to plan, implement and ultimately evaluate the counselling project. The project partner as well as the University of Bamberg are supporting them with words and actions and have their backs!


You can find more information about atrain GmbH here.

You can find more information about the EHRM programme here.

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