IMM and the Summit

Industrial Marketing Managementis the leading outlet for theoretical, empirical, and case-based research geared to the needs of marketing scholars and practitioners researching and working in industrial and business-to-business markets. The journal’s global reach is evidenced by the fact that international scholars and practitioners from all regions of the globe share their latest findings for improving effectiveness and efficiency of industrial markets. This comprehensive approach has helped to keep readers abreast of the timeliest research and practice necessary for better marketing decisions and strategy in global industrial and business-to-business markets.

In 2018, together with the journal’s publisher, the co-editors-in-chief launched the Industrial Marketing Management Summit. The aim of the summit is to offer a platform for debating (as opposed to writing and reading) current theory and practice challenges and their solutions. The summit’s interactive format enabled academics to discuss thought leadership and develop solutions for society. The first two summits took place in Copenhagen, the third in Philadelphia, and the fourth and fifth were online due to travel restrictions.