Things to see while in Bamberg

5 places to go while you're in Bamberg - before, during, or after the IMM Summit

  • The old medieval town hall --> In the middle of river Regnitz, arrive on "Obere Brücke" (upper bridge) and enjoy the mix of timber-framing and barock style, then down Karolinenstraße to Untere Brücke and take a look at Empress Cunigunde and "Little Venice".
  • Domplatz (Cathedral Place) --> Slightly above the city center, 5 minutes from the old town hall, the buildings of the Prince Bishop's old residence, the new residence, the roman-style cathedral with the emperor's and empress' grave (Heinrich II and Cunigunde of Luxembuurg), and the State Gallery (collection of historic German painters) .
  • The historic brewery and pub of "Schlenkerla", Bamberg's most famous brand for the local specialty "smoked beer". Walk in and discover. The close proximity of this traditional brewery and our university's main assembly hall (Dominikanerkirche) is pure coincidence ...
  • The walk from "Schlenkerla" through the small streets such as Herrenstraße, Karolinenstraße, Luugbank, Pfahlplätzchen, Church of Our Lady, Judenstraße, Concordiastraße, Obere Mühlbrücke, Mühlwörth, Schleuse 100 and back to the city center.
  • The walk along the small streets on the other side of the river, such as Austraße, An der Universität, Heumarkt, Frauenstraße, Zwerggasse, Maximiliansplatz, and Grüner Markt.

Obviously, there are many other nice walks for the modern adventurer - just turn left or right some place and keep going.

  • Note: St. Michael's abbey is under renovation and can currently not be visited - saves you quite a walk up-hill, but is a pity given the beauty of the site in normal times.
  • Should you really be into steeper walks, the Old Castle above the city is an option.
  • ... and the ultimate: the 13 Breweries-Trail ...