Prague Journal of English Studies

Prof. Jansohn ist Mitglied des "Advisory Board" der Zeitschrift Prague Journal of English Studies, hauptverantwortlich herausgegeben von PhDr. Petr Chalupský, Ph.D.

The Prague Journal of English Studies is an annual peer-reviewed academic journal that invites international contributions but also aims to be a forum for Czech scholars working in the fields of literary studies and linguistics concerning the English-speaking world. We are seeking submissions of articles on English, American and other English written literatures ranging from Chaucer to the present that reflect the wide spectrum of current critical and theoretical approaches. Cultural studies articles relevant to English language and literature are also welcome. The linguistics section of the journal is also receptive to a variety of perspectives in linguistic theory and linguistic description of English, with special attention given to corpus linguistics, stylistics, text and discourse analysis. The journal will also publish special, thematic issues, assuring in-depth coverage of selected topics.