Prof. Dr. Erik Anonby is visiting researcher at the department (Humboldt research fellowship)

Prof. Dr. Erik Anonby (Carleton University/Canada) holds a Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers of Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation and will be based at the department from 1st July 2016 until 31st December 2017.

Erik Anonby is Associate Professor of French and Linguistics at Carleton University. His research centres on language documentation in the Middle East, with an emphasis on phonological description, dialectology, language endangerment and language mapping. Currently, he is leading work on a pilot atlas of Iran’s languages, using the open-access Nunaliit Atlas Framework to consolidate, organise and represent language data. While in Bamberg, Anonby will be working with Prof. Dr. Geoffrey Haig and other scholars in Germany to produce a detailed picture of language distribution and linguistic forms used in the Zagros Mountains of western Iran. In addition to documenting the linguistic diversity of the region, this project will provide hard data for ongoing assessments of internal linguistic relationships among languages of the Iranic family and the other language families represented there.