How to end things in Arabic literature.

International workshop, June 4-5 2021!

How to end things in Arabic literature.

The beginning of books and texts, prefaces and introductions in particular, has been a research interest for some time. The end, on the other hand, is still a quite unknown territory in Arabic studies although authors apparently took great care in shaping the final passage of their works. At the same time, the end of any text is the starting point of a hermeneutic process with many open questions. It is the last chance to silence potential criticism, to guide the reader, to create a certain image of the author, to suggest possible readings. The end can be testament, justification, and instruction; it can provide guidance, perspective and closure; it can give assurance and sow the seeds of doubt; it can bring conclusion and hold a promise for further readings.

This conference aims at discussing literary phenomena with regard to endings, finality, and closure from different perspectives, starting with the question where the end of a given text even begins.

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