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BUEDG New Performance:"Songs from the Second Floor"


Informationsveranstaltung zum Referendariat an Grundschulen im Fach Englisch am 1.2.2016


Informationen für Erstsemester in Anglistik / Amerikanistik Wintersemester 2015 / 2016

Hier finden Sie die Daten zur Erstsemestereinführungswoche Wintersemester 2015 / 2016

International Help Desk and Workshops for MAs and JDs

An overview of workshops and assistance for our new MA and JD students can be found here.

Anerkennung von im Ausland erbrachten Leistungen

Information für Studierende, die sich Leistungen aus dem Ausland im Fach Anglistik anerkennen lassen wollen.

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Welcome to Sprachpraxis


The field of Sprachpraxis (Practical Language) forms a key area in the study of English and can be seen as the gateway to success in the fields of Linguistics and Literature. For most courses of study in the English programme, it is the most intensive area as far as the amount of time and effort required by the students is concerned. This is reflected in the fact that students have to attend more courses in this field than in any other, and thus courses in Sprachpraxis should be taken very seriously.


The courses offered include general language courses, writing courses, translation, cultural studies, grammar, phonetics and phonology, exam preparation and conversation. Information regarding the individual courses can be found on univis and on the notice board on the ground floor of the U7 building.


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